Jerry Greene Named FE&S 2010 Hall of Fame Award Winner

Jerry Greene of Hotel & Restaurant Supply Winner of FE&S 2010 Hall of Fame Award
by Amelia Levin, Contributing Editor (July / August 2010 edition)  

Throughout a career marked by honesty, integrity and humility, Jerry Greene has quietly built Hotel & Restaurant Supply into a powerhouse dealership in the Southeast.   Southern gentleman. Those are the words that come to mind when thinking about Jerry Greene of Hotel & Restaurant Supply. And we at FE&S aren’t the only ones who feel this way. His son, Mason, the dealership’s director of operations, long-time business partner Ollie Wilkes, and industry colleagues say they admire Greene for his considerate attitude toward clients and others, along with his gentle kindness, humility and respect for people. Ideally these traits would come naturally in a service-oriented business such as the foodservice-dealer one, but surprisingly that’s not always the case. Working with clients, vendors, employees, industry colleagues and competitors, there’s a lot of room for sleights of hand. But throughout his 44-year career, Greene has remained solid as a rock when it comes to doing the right thing, his son and colleagues say. At the same time, Greene frequently calls his success in life blessings, a testament to his humble attitude. “I don’t have all of the answers, but if you work at things and are persistent, good things will happen,” he says. “That’s proven time and time again in my life. Even if I make mistakes along the way, I just try and learn from those. That’s what life is all about.” With that simple philosophy, Hotel & Restaurant Supply has grown from a small family-owned foodservice equipment and supplies dealership to a four-location powerhouse in the Southeast. Featuring full warehouses and showrooms at each outlet, Hotel & Restaurant Supply posted revenues of $47.8 million for 2009, placing it 25th in FE&S’ 2010 Distribution Giants Ranking.              

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